Felicette was the first cat to be flown to the moon by French scientists using a Veronique AG1 rocket propelled plane October 18, 1963. Felicette tokens are minted with the Hyper Deflationary system, self-generating automated liquidity that pays static rewards to holders. Hold Felicette Token in your wallet and you will earn more with every transaction!,
All the dog meme coins want to go to the moon,
Felicette, join us, be a part of history!

History of Felicette source wikipedia

Felicette Token. Experiment Project support by BSC start with a low hard cap with the aim of getting you to the moon.

Smart Contract Voting allows the community to vote on. Just because of the amazing people who turned our ideas into reality. We are on a serious mission to make a difference. We hope you join us!

Fair and equitable distribution of tokens

  • Token name: Felicette (FEL)
  • Total Supply: Voting Supply
  • Purchase Method: BNB,BUSD
  • Private sale price:
  • Public sale price:
  • Launch price:

Join The Revolution

The Future of Creativity belongs to Blockchain — be it through Trading or Charities, complexes governed by decentralized tokens. This first year is origin — $FELICETTE is here for the long haul


Initial Liquidity Provided locked with Pinksale for more than 12 months. Always trust the Original Our project was able to deliver an astonishing x21 during it’s first two weeks of life.

Development Team

  • The white paper will be released in the next coming days. We are currently adding a little bit more content and it will be done before the end of the week
  • The development is still ongoing in terms of the prototype. A website is also being designed and work on as we speak. More information to come later on in regards to dates of completion.

Website Launch V1 : felicette.org

Twitter : @Felicette_org

Telegram : https://t.me/felicettegroup

FELICETTE #1 The First Cat to Ever Fly to The Moon

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FELICETTE #1 The First Cat to Ever Fly to The Moon

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